descriptionVery light weight framework for writing cgi using unix shell script
ownerGit Access
last changeSun, 22 May 2022 18:12:53 +0000 (20:12 +0200)
4 days ago Paul Hänschstyle for search button master
7 days ago Paul Hänschvariable expiration times, clickable invitation links
8 days ago Paul Hänschdetect https/http schema for invite links
8 days ago Paul Hänschexport user variables
8 days ago Paul Hänschallow email quicklinks, bugfix pattern extractor in...
9 days ago Paul Hänschvariable $UID is reserved in bash and cannot be used
9 days ago Paul Hänschmetadata blocks
10 days ago Paul Hänschavoid odd margins in list items
10 days ago Paul Hänschuser passphrase update, improved username form
2022-05-11 Paul Hänschallow invitation without email, allow setting user...
2022-05-10 Paul Hänsch"cgilite_headers" among export variables
2022-04-08 Paul Hänschreset header variables when processing multiple requests
2022-03-24 Paul Hänschcorrected paragraph splitting and hr/h2 distinction
2022-03-24 Paul Hänschfaster hexdecode for mixed data (e.g. post-data)
2022-03-15 Paul HänschAPI CHANGE: do not set session cookie automatically
2022-03-10 Paul Hänschenable pandoc fenced divs, and fenced code attributes
4 days ago master