2022-08-04 Paul Hänschinline image attributes, wiki style links master
2022-07-27 Paul Hänschbugfix/typo: correct transformation of header fields...
2022-07-25 Paul Hänschescape CR and BR in HTML output (as previously specified)
2022-06-26 Paul Hänschtable style
2022-06-26 Paul Hänschbugfix: allow trailing white space in indented code
2022-06-26 Paul Hänschbugfix anchor links starting with # character
2022-06-26 Paul Hänschbugfix: prevent white space lines from becoming code...
2022-06-26 Paul Hänschanchor links for headlines, bugfix: continue block...
2022-06-26 Paul HänschImplemented pandoc grid tables
2022-06-26 Paul HänschImplemented Pipe Tables
2022-05-31 Paul Hänschbugfix in recognition of fenced code block attributes
2022-05-31 Paul Hänschordered list of mime types, additional pdf and text...
2022-05-31 Paul Hänschstyling classes for task list, additional task list...
2022-05-22 Paul Hänschstyle for search button
2022-05-19 Paul Hänschvariable expiration times, clickable invitation links
2022-05-18 Paul Hänschdetect https/http schema for invite links
2022-05-18 Paul Hänschexport user variables
2022-05-18 Paul Hänschallow email quicklinks, bugfix pattern extractor in...
2022-05-18 Paul Hänschvariable $UID is reserved in bash and cannot be used
2022-05-17 Paul Hänschmetadata blocks
2022-05-16 Paul Hänschavoid odd margins in list items
2022-05-16 Paul Hänschuser passphrase update, improved username form
2022-05-11 Paul Hänschallow invitation without email, allow setting user...
2022-05-10 Paul Hänsch"cgilite_headers" among export variables
2022-04-08 Paul Hänschreset header variables when processing multiple requests
2022-03-24 Paul Hänschcorrected paragraph splitting and hr/h2 distinction
2022-03-24 Paul Hänschfaster hexdecode for mixed data (e.g. post-data)
2022-03-15 Paul HänschAPI CHANGE: do not set session cookie automatically
2022-03-10 Paul Hänschenable pandoc fenced divs, and fenced code attributes
2022-03-10 Paul Hänschmake hr tag visible again
2022-02-23 Paul Hänschbugfix: prevent HTML injection in reference style link...
2022-02-20 Paul Hänschmarkdown support for external macro plugin
2021-11-16 Paul Hänschbugfix URL escaping for ? and %
2021-11-16 Paul Hänschfaster HTML and URL functions
2021-10-28 Paul Hänschexport application globals
2021-10-27 Paul Hänschidmap functions
2021-10-27 Paul Hänschbetter data-layer / UI-layer abstraction in user functions
2021-10-13 Paul Hänschallow server site message page to confirm registration
2021-10-07 Paul Hänschperform _BASE striping outside of internal web server
2021-10-07 Paul Hänschcleaner display of activation link, include port number...
2021-10-07 Paul Hänschstrip _BASE path from PATH_INFO variable
2021-10-07 Paul Hänschuser invite function, handle invite/registration expire...
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschbugfix tooltips
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschimproved markup for styling
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschmin-height for textarea
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschunambiguous cookie path when destroying user session
2021-09-22 Paul Hänschautomatically swap in confirmation dialog for registration
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschfix in email syntax and confirm path
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschignore automatic files from modules
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschsyntax fixes, minor sanity checks
2021-09-16 Paul Hänschuser account functions
2021-09-15 Paul Hänschfunction new_session to force session update, limit...
2021-09-13 Paul Hänschallow suppression of default session cookie
2021-09-13 Paul HänschSTRING encodes empty values as backslash for easyer...
2021-09-12 Paul Hänschtypo in cli parsing
2021-08-27 Paul HänschSet _EXEC _DATA and _BASE variables
2021-08-24 Paul Hänschmuch faster hex decode function
2021-08-23 Paul Hänschsimpler lock algorithm using files
2021-08-02 Paul Hänschimproved gonzo mac if openssl is unavailable
2021-07-26 Paul Hänschbugfix: faulty check in update and append
2021-07-26 Paul Hänschbugfix: parameter passing in cgilite_value calls
2021-07-26 Paul Hänschportability GNU `date` / Busybox `date`
2021-07-25 Paul HänschFix: prevent horizontal rule from masking 2nd order...
2021-07-24 Paul Hänschenable pipe/argument choice for more functions
2021-07-08 Paul Hänschmd: heading identifiers
2021-07-07 Paul Hänschmd: handle DOS line breaks
2021-07-07 Paul Hänschmd: task lists
2021-07-07 Paul HänschHTML escaping, switchable HTML processing
2021-07-06 Paul Hänschmd: inline HTML
2021-07-06 Paul Hänschbugfix: stop condition in HTML block
2021-07-05 Paul Hänschmd: verbatim html block, md: allow emphasis before...
2021-07-02 Paul Hänschmd: image embedding, completing support for basic markdown
2021-07-01 Paul Hänschmd: horizontal rules
2021-07-01 Paul Hänschmd: allow hard line breaks; md extension: ignore embedd...
2021-06-29 Paul Hänschtodo items
2021-06-29 Paul Hänschinclude markdown processor
2021-05-15 Paul Hänschtry automatic switching to busybox for uuencode and...
2021-04-14 Paul Hänschbugfix: fix error when reading literal "+" char from...
2021-03-20 Paul Hänschbasic print styles
2021-03-06 Paul Hänschset foreground color where background color is set
2021-02-13 Paul Hänschremove obsolte escape functions
2021-02-13 Paul Hänschintroduce functions for cookie based cryptographically...
2021-02-13 Paul Hänschintroduce simple DBM module
2021-02-13 Paul Hänschuse debug function for error output
2021-02-10 Paul Hänschchange border of input elements
2021-02-09 Paul Hänschexperimental: basic set of css rules
2021-02-09 Paul Hänschsimplified mac function and cookie format
2021-02-06 Paul Hänschprefer hmac for session security
2020-11-18 Paul Hänschinclude guard for main script, prevent double read...
2020-11-12 Paul Hänschmime types for streaming formats
2020-11-04 Paul Hänschprevent line breaks in debug message
2020-11-04 Paul Hänschtry reading session key from post before trying cookie
2020-09-30 Paul Hänschescape CR and TAB in URLs
2020-09-07 Paul Hänschavoid confusion regarding carriage return when escaping...
2020-06-24 Paul Hänschrudimentary debug function
2020-06-09 Paul Hänschmore escapes for use in html-sh and HTTP headers
2020-06-08 Paul Hänschlimit escaping to necessary characters, more readable...
2020-06-03 Paul Hänschbugfix: allow empty query string
2020-06-02 Paul Hänschimproved handling of Connection header
2020-06-02 Paul Hänschquicker path sanitizing