descriptionVery light weight framework for writing cgi using unix shell script
ownerGit Access
last changeWed, 13 Oct 2021 15:37:40 +0000 (17:37 +0200)
5 days ago Paul Hänschallow server site message page to confirm registration master
10 days ago Paul Hänschperform _BASE striping outside of internal web server
10 days ago Paul Hänschcleaner display of activation link, include port number...
10 days ago Paul Hänschstrip _BASE path from PATH_INFO variable
11 days ago Paul Hänschuser invite function, handle invite/registration expire...
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschbugfix tooltips
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschimproved markup for styling
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschmin-height for textarea
2021-09-29 Paul Hänschunambiguous cookie path when destroying user session
2021-09-22 Paul Hänschautomatically swap in confirmation dialog for registration
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschfix in email syntax and confirm path
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschignore automatic files from modules
2021-09-21 Paul Hänschsyntax fixes, minor sanity checks
2021-09-16 Paul Hänschuser account functions
2021-09-15 Paul Hänschfunction new_session to force session update, limit...
2021-09-13 Paul Hänschallow suppression of default session cookie
5 days ago master