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last changeFri, 3 Jul 2020 12:40:40 +0000 (14:40 +0200)
3 days ago Paul Hänschbugfix in subvol target master
3 days ago Paul Hänschraspi filesystem experiments
3 days ago Paul Hänschraspi modules, systemd timeout
2020-06-14 Paul Hänschignore current file and folder names
2020-06-14 Paul Hänschmake sure umount does not run too early
2020-05-29 Paul Hänschconfig file case sensitivity in some applications
2020-05-29 Paul Hänschbugfix: make pam script executable
2020-02-05 Paul Hänschmarble favlink in buster
2020-01-22 Paul Hänscharch suffixes for chroot folders
2020-01-22 Paul Hänschstarter entry for buster
2020-01-16 Paul Hänschsubvol target
2020-01-15 Paul Hänschbugfixes
2019-12-07 Paul Hänschbranch config not wanted in master
2019-12-07 Paul Hänschconfig for test on 5inch mobile rig
2019-12-07 Paul Hänschset sensor address in js user interface
2019-12-07 Paul Hänschinclude nilfs module in raspi initrd
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