descriptionGenerator for stereoscopic anaglyph images
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2012-12-11 paulswithed the meaning of the hjust parameter back so... master
2012-12-10 paulcleaned up fprintf function, fixing last compiler warni...
2012-12-10 paulchanged default install dir to /usr/local/bin, also...
2012-12-10 paulbugfix for magenta cyan parameter parsing, also change...
2011-11-10 paulsupport for vertical and horizontal justification
2011-11-08 paulparallelization of jpg-conversion to make use of multip...
2011-10-30 pauladded license information
2011-10-30 paulfixed typos
2011-10-29 paulempirical tweaks to emc algorithm
2011-10-29 pauluse function pointers
2011-10-29 paulinitial commit
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