descriptionCGI framework for zsh. For a portable framework use cgilite instead.
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last changeFri, 22 Jun 2018 02:53:38 +0000 (04:53 +0200)
2018-06-22 Paul Hänschexperimental radio list master
2018-06-21 paulfunction for reading http headers
2018-06-03 paulstub support for multiline comments (e.g. css/js embedding)
2018-06-03 paulFix for content-length and cookie variables
2018-05-26 paulbasic inetd support
2018-05-12 paulshorthand html
2018-04-05 paulprevent browsers from caching pages (which are usually...
2018-03-22 pauldocumentation fo STORE function
2018-03-22 paulfile handling functions
2018-03-12 paulsend http status code when redirecting
2018-02-21 paulmake forms available by default
2018-02-21 paulhelper for writing html forms
2017-12-09 paulwhen redirecting send status code as specified in CGI
2017-11-09 paultransform hex to oct for posix compatibility in printf
2017-11-08 paulbugfix: do not expect query strings to start with "?"
2017-11-08 paulforce http status code with redirect
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