2021-01-10 Paul Hänschsimplify ui bu removing addfield drop down
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschbug fix using tempfile, allow +-Buttons for add field
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschadd field drop down entry
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschimplement course edit and updates
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschfix in displaying error message
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschportability fix
2021-01-03 Paul Hänschsome course editing ui
2021-01-03 Paul Hänschreintroduce attendence selection
2021-01-02 Paul HänschMerge commit '36d5feed172cb12ccd469abddebf04eaf9a7c9ae...
2021-01-02 Paul HänschSquashed 'cgilite/' content from commit a1caf91
2021-01-02 Paul Hänschreplace cgilite submodule with subtree
2021-01-02 Paul Hänschreplace superfluous ­
2021-01-02 Paul Hänschpath handling and helper functions
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschdrop pasted card info from course functions
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschstubs for course lists
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschhelper functions for checking item selections
2019-08-27 Paul Hänschstubs for rewrite of courses section
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschpath sanitizing for card parameter
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschvcard exporter
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschchanged some code layout, handle categories in separate...
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschnew cards function
2019-08-06 Paul Hänschper field add buttons
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschfield deletion
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschdisplay delete buttons for fields (not functional yet)
2019-08-05 Paul HänschApp title and basic styling
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschbugfixes, styling
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschfield escaping
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschbasic support for telephone type
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschbugfix in un-aggregation of fields, attribute selection...
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschtypo, separation of caching functions
2019-08-03 Paul Hänschsubmodule update
2019-08-03 Paul Hänschsession aware file locking
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschedit locking
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschsimple message/error display
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschintroduce sessions
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschsubmodule update
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschupdate_attribute function
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschcleanup
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschediting interface
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschswitch to path based urls (instead of GET based)
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschswitch to short GET parameter names
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschmodular design
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschmodular design
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschsubmodule updates
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschupdating function
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschomit fullname function (which is now in pdi_load)
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschslightly quicker pdi loading
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschimplemented card ordering
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschworking vcard filter
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschbugfix: field splitting
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschreimplemented card listing
2019-02-04 Paul Hänschreenabled filter dialog
2019-01-18 Paul Hänschrefactoring card display
2018-10-22 Paul Hänschcommon functions for pdi (vcf/ics) parsing
2018-10-13 Paul Hänschchanged project layout
2018-10-09 Paul Hänschinclude shcgi submodule
2018-10-09 Paul Hänschdefault to cards page
2018-10-09 Paul HänschLobster: time sheet on therapy note
2018-10-09 Paul Hänschreturn to configure interface after bookmark change
2018-04-18 paulhide menu configuration
2018-04-18 paulreenable clickable email address
2018-04-12 pauldefault submit button in categories/tag list
2018-04-09 paulfilter pages accessible in bookmarker
2018-03-12 paulprevent faulty form fill in bookmark editor
2017-10-18 paulenabled dynamic navigation links
2017-10-15 paulcleanup of category handling
2017-10-13 paulinterface for combined filters
2017-10-12 paulescape " for latex
2017-10-12 paulapply tex escaping - typo
2017-10-12 paulapply tex escaping
2017-10-12 paullocale application only for date
2017-10-12 paulintroduce combined filter engine
2017-10-11 paulsupport for maniupulating vcard categories
2017-10-10 paullocale independent regex ranges ([A-z] instead of ...
2016-11-14 paulunify client and attendee display templates
2016-11-14 paulunify view functions for cards
2016-11-14 paulunify client and attendee editing templates
2016-11-14 paulfix faulty escaping of line breaks
2016-11-14 paulunification of card editing functions
2016-11-12 paulmake use of improved parser
2016-11-12 paulimproved escaping when writing cards
2016-11-11 paulparsing and processing of aggregated values, split...
2016-11-10 paulunify ics parser
2016-11-10 paulunify vcf parsers
2016-11-10 paulimproved vcf parser (speed, security)
2016-11-07 paulreduce faulty data display in course lists
2016-11-07 paulimproved styling for filter input
2016-11-04 paulsupport euro symbol
2016-11-04 pauldirty fix: do not mess up with empty tags
2016-11-04 paulsyntax cleanup
2016-10-17 paulassignment of categories
2016-10-17 paulconfirmation prompt for card deletion
2016-08-03 pauljs compatibility for firefox and android browser
2016-07-27 paulhave one email field by default
2016-07-26 paulselectable strokewidth in therapy
2016-07-20 paulslightly improved touchscreen buttons
2016-07-20 paulconfirmation when trying to delete record
2016-07-19 paullimit note trail to used + 3 fields
2016-07-19 paulmore reliable color selection, bugfix regarding backend...
2016-07-19 paulremove exec prop