Lobster: time sheet on therapy note
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2018-10-09 Paul HänschLobster: time sheet on therapy note
2018-04-18 paulhide menu configuration
2018-04-12 pauldefault submit button in categories/tag list
2017-10-18 paulenabled dynamic navigation links
2017-10-13 paulinterface for combined filters
2016-11-14 paulunify view functions for cards
2016-11-07 paulimproved styling for filter input
2016-08-03 pauljs compatibility for firefox and android browser
2016-07-26 paulselectable strokewidth in therapy
2016-07-20 paulslightly improved touchscreen buttons
2016-07-20 paulconfirmation when trying to delete record
2016-07-19 paullimit note trail to used + 3 fields
2016-07-19 paulmore reliable color selection, bugfix regarding backend...
2016-07-19 paulremove exec prop
2016-07-19 paulexternalize drawing script
2016-07-08 paulreduce number of pre filled text fields, show more...
2016-07-08 paultherapy dates in prescription view
2016-07-04 paulmake css files static
2016-06-23 paulunify css, increase responsiveness by reducing server...
2016-04-14 paulreplacing placeholder image
2016-04-10 pauluse static file function from shcgi