avoid space character in empty first name/middle name field; try to parse FN if N...
[confetti] / pdiread.sh
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschintroduced general pdi unescape function
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschportability fix
2021-01-02 Paul HänschMerge commit '36d5feed172cb12ccd469abddebf04eaf9a7c9ae...
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschbugfix in un-aggregation of fields, attribute selection...
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschupdate_attribute function
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschupdating function
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschslightly quicker pdi loading
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschimplemented card ordering
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschbugfix: field splitting
2018-10-22 Paul Hänschcommon functions for pdi (vcf/ics) parsing