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2017-10-10 paullocale independent regex ranges ([A-z] instead of ...
2016-11-10 paulunify ics parser
2016-11-07 paulreduce faulty data display in course lists
2015-09-30 pauladaptions to updated shcgi
2015-09-27 pauladaption for changes in shcgi external
2014-07-29 paulAdded AGPL License notice to every file
2014-04-08 paulQuick hack: list attendees year of birth in course...
2014-03-12 paulalphabetic ordering of course attendees
2014-03-12 pauledit course attendees form course display
2013-12-02 paulordering for courses, default ordering for attendees
2013-12-02 paulimplemented course section
2013-08-19 paulchanged page structure