cleanup of category handling
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2017-10-15 paulcleanup of category handling
2017-10-13 paulinterface for combined filters
2017-10-12 paulintroduce combined filter engine
2017-10-11 paulsupport for maniupulating vcard categories
2017-10-10 paullocale independent regex ranges ([A-z] instead of ...
2016-11-14 paulunify client and attendee display templates
2016-11-14 paulunify client and attendee editing templates
2016-11-14 paulunification of card editing functions
2016-11-11 paulparsing and processing of aggregated values, split...
2016-11-10 paulunify vcf parsers
2016-11-10 paulimproved vcf parser (speed, security)
2016-11-04 pauldirty fix: do not mess up with empty tags
2016-07-20 paulconfirmation when trying to delete record
2016-07-01 paulissuer field on prescription document
2016-06-01 paulmoved some decision logic out of template
2016-02-27 paulenable support for phone number types
2016-02-14 paulprovide info about health insurance in card view
2016-01-29 paulsimplified vcf parser, enabled field for health insurance
2016-01-10 paulrename attendees section to more generic "cards" to...