always write FN field; bugfix: use editing tempfile as basis for modifications, impor...
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2021-01-23 Paul Hänschconfig flag for debug output
2021-01-23 Paul Hänschcreate working directories at startup
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschglobal translation lists
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschnav menu on top
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschpdf export of course lists
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschfix in displaying error message
2021-01-02 Paul HänschMerge commit '36d5feed172cb12ccd469abddebf04eaf9a7c9ae...
2021-01-02 Paul Hänschpath handling and helper functions
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschhelper functions for checking item selections
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschchanged some code layout, handle categories in separate...
2019-08-05 Paul HänschApp title and basic styling
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschsimple message/error display
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschintroduce sessions
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschmodular design
2019-01-18 Paul Hänschrefactoring card display
2018-10-13 Paul Hänschchanged project layout
2015-06-13 paulexternalise cgi engine
2015-03-18 paulimproved debugging functions
2014-07-29 paulAdded AGPL License notice to every file
2013-12-02 paulcourse attendance in attendees list
2013-12-02 paulstyle of course deit buttons
2013-12-02 paulimplemented course section
2013-12-01 paulimproved style, beautified URL display
2013-11-28 paulimproved visual style
2013-11-27 paulremoved debug marks
2013-11-27 paulbasic update functions for vcards
2013-11-21 paulstubs for action mechanics
2013-11-17 pauloptions for card editor, framework for editing actions
2013-10-21 paulimplemented vcf caching
2013-10-07 paulno escapes in debug function
2013-10-06 paulordering of vcard attributes + parsing of name (n,fn...
2013-08-20 paulrudimentary vcard display
2013-08-07 pauldisplay main navigation menu
2013-07-30 paulpage skeleton and rough component framework
2013-07-29 paulsome cgi parsing
2013-07-28 paulautocreate skeleton and parse get string
2013-07-28 paulinitial commit