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2021-01-23 Paul Hänschremove local css delivery
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschremove some obsolte files
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschswitched #! line from zsh to sh
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschglobal translation lists
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschimproved styling for pdf export
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschinsert default start date for new courses
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschintroduce global stylesheet
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschintroduced general pdi unescape function
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschpdf export of course lists
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschstyling for course page
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschenable set up of new course
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschstyle changes
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschremoved obsolete html templates
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschsimplify ui bu removing addfield drop down
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschbug fix using tempfile, allow +-Buttons for add field
2021-01-10 Paul Hänschadd field drop down entry
2021-01-06 Paul Hänschimplement course edit and updates
2021-01-03 Paul Hänschsome course editing ui
2021-01-02 Paul HänschMerge commit '36d5feed172cb12ccd469abddebf04eaf9a7c9ae...
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschdrop pasted card info from course functions
2019-12-08 Paul Hänschstubs for course lists
2019-08-27 Paul Hänschstubs for rewrite of courses section
2018-10-13 Paul Hänschchanged project layout