Merge commit '6455a7f85522fd319caa8cb7cffa93b4ee9ca4b9'
[confetti] / cards /
2021-04-28 Paul HänschMerge commit '6455a7f85522fd319caa8cb7cffa93b4ee9ca4b9'
2021-02-10 Paul Hänschimproved styling for attendance list
2021-02-10 Paul HänschMerge commit '69f00ca6b1c936ca39cba43a670852919eefb82c'
2021-02-10 Paul Hänschsimplify css
2021-02-10 Paul Hänschlist courses alphabetically when editing attendant
2021-02-10 Paul HänschInclud bday field in quick entries
2021-02-10 Paul HänschMerge commit '01b13a65484a01f314d6d97c74b48216ead2bc24'
2021-02-06 Paul Hänschinsert optional line break in long street names
2021-02-06 Paul Hänschmerge from cgilite
2021-02-06 Paul HänschMerge commit 'c0dcd45c3ecac33376e06b7ca470ae56f2ed5e19...
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschalways sort categories, caching and ordering for list...
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschwhite space between labels
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschfix: print tel without teltype
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschomit empty teltype when exporting csv
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschset file name when offering card file
2021-02-05 Paul Hänschallow exporting list as csv
2021-02-04 Paul Hänschallow filter by course attendance
2021-02-04 Paul Hänschsingle label for seed input
2021-02-04 Paul Hänschintroduce localised date parsing
2021-02-02 Paul Hänschseed field for entering card record from spreadsheet
2021-01-27 Paul Hänschalways write FN field; bugfix: use editing tempfile...
2021-01-27 Paul Hänschavoid space character in empty first name/middle name...
2021-01-27 Paul Hänschbugfix: include listing of newer card files
2021-01-23 Paul Hänschportable sed usage
2021-01-23 Paul Hänschremove local css delivery
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschswitched #! line from zsh to sh
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschbugfix: always rewrite all category records when updati...
2021-01-22 Paul Hänsch(re)introduced categories section
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschglobal translation lists
2021-01-22 Paul Hänschstubs for experimental date localisation
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschintroduce global stylesheet
2021-01-20 Paul Hänschintroduced general pdi unescape function
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschremove course mapping when deleting card file
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschremove debug output
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschstyle for card filter dialog
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschsimplified export using cgilite
2021-01-18 Paul HänschBugfix: avoid search hits in subsequent fields
2021-01-18 Paul Hänschstyle changes
2021-01-17 Paul Hänschtouch course file (invalidate cache) when updating...
2021-01-03 Paul Hänschreintroduce attendence selection
2021-01-02 Paul HänschMerge commit '36d5feed172cb12ccd469abddebf04eaf9a7c9ae...
2021-01-02 Paul Hänschreplace superfluous ­
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschpath sanitizing for card parameter
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschvcard exporter
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschchanged some code layout, handle categories in separate...
2019-08-20 Paul Hänschnew cards function
2019-08-06 Paul Hänschper field add buttons
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschfield deletion
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschdisplay delete buttons for fields (not functional yet)
2019-08-05 Paul Hänschbugfixes, styling
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschfield escaping
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschbasic support for telephone type
2019-08-04 Paul Hänschtypo, separation of caching functions
2019-08-03 Paul Hänschsession aware file locking
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschedit locking
2019-05-14 Paul Hänschcleanup
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschediting interface
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschswitch to path based urls (instead of GET based)
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschswitch to short GET parameter names
2019-04-04 Paul Hänschmodular design
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschomit fullname function (which is now in pdi_load)
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschimplemented card ordering
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschworking vcard filter
2019-02-06 Paul Hänschreimplemented card listing
2019-02-04 Paul Hänschreenabled filter dialog
2019-01-18 Paul Hänschrefactoring card display
2018-10-13 Paul Hänschchanged project layout