apply tex escaping
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2017-10-12 paulapply tex escaping
2016-11-10 paulunify ics parser
2016-11-10 paulunify vcf parsers
2016-11-07 paulreduce faulty data display in course lists
2016-11-04 paulsyntax cleanup
2016-06-10 paulfix another typo. OK, it is really about a broken c...
2016-06-10 paulfix typo ;-)
2016-06-10 paulgenerate name field from available information
2016-06-10 paulfix faulty include name, missing functions, hence missi...
2016-01-10 paulrename attendees section to more generic "cards" to...
2015-09-27 pauladaption for changes in shcgi external
2015-03-21 paulrun pdflatex twice, to ensure correct headings
2014-07-29 paulAdded AGPL License notice to every file
2014-04-08 paulDirty: avoid some latex control characters
2014-04-08 paulpdflatex based generator for course lists