descriptionWebapp for managing video collections including tagging and playback
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71 min ago Paul Hänschimproved group detection by optimising for numbered... master
2019-09-22 Paul Hänschupdated cgilite
2019-09-22 Paul Hänschstubs for file deletion
2019-06-04 Paul Hänschimproved update heuristics
2019-03-25 Paul Hänschprevent jittering due to scroll bars in some browsers
2019-03-10 Paul Hänschcustom readout of host provided Motion Processor Service
2019-01-26 Paul HänschUse page titles based on content
2019-01-08 Paul Hänschremoved debug output
2019-01-08 Paul Hänschfix bug in exclusive tag support
2019-01-08 Paul Hänschfix bug in exclusive tag support
2018-12-15 Paul Hänschfit video view to screen size
2018-12-15 Paul Hänschsupport for Group ordering
2018-12-04 Paul HänschUI name for groupsort
2018-12-04 Paul Hänschstable sort (keep name order when sorting by lenght)
2018-12-04 Paul Hänschordering by grouplength
2018-11-12 Paul Hänschupdate cgilite
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