descriptionWebapp for managing video collections including tagging and playback
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2020-05-24 Paul Hänschimproved shell compatibility
2020-05-24 Paul Hänschimproved grouping, improved shell compatibility
2020-05-18 Paul Hänschfix advsearch when run from video view
2020-05-18 Paul Hänschrequest video preload
2020-04-06 Paul Hänschdeprecated modules
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2020-04-06 Paul HänschMerge commit '25d0e33ef0647e0019b18a934100a4f15a773a55...
2020-04-06 Paul Hänschswitching cgilite to subtree
2020-04-06 Paul Hänschupdater for cgilite subtree
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