2018-07-16 Paul Hänschsupport for "selected" keyword, improved handling of...
2018-07-16 Paul Hänschminor optimisation
2018-07-16 Paul Hänschlocalize fucntion variables
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschfix: PATH function removed all directory parts shorter...
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschescape spaces in stored data for easyer use with `read`
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschsuppress error message from mkdir
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschbugfix: allow positive return of LOCK()
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschinclude guards for function libraries
2018-07-15 Paul Hänschlocking functions
2018-07-14 Paul Hänschunfinished storage engine
2018-07-05 Paul Hänschtypo
2018-07-05 Paul Hänschpath cononicalization function (works on non-exist...
2018-07-04 Paul Hänschremove obsolete sed processing of response headers
2018-07-04 Paul Hänschyet slightly shorter version + removed debugging
2018-07-04 Paul Hänschshorter version of webserver response builder
2018-07-04 Paul HänschHandle arbitrary status response codes in builtin web...
2018-07-04 Paul Hänschcorrect tomestamp format for cookie expiration, empty...
2018-07-02 Paul HänschState Content-Length in error responses to allow connec...
2018-07-02 Paul Hänschenable connection reuse in builtin web server
2018-07-02 Paul Hänschauto recognize inetd mode, enabling use with busybox...
2018-07-02 Paul Hänschfix builtin header parsing
2018-07-01 Paul Hänschtypos
2018-07-01 Paul Hänschstatic file serving supporting byte-ranges and If-Modif...
2018-06-30 Paul Hänschunified function for %hex unescaping
2018-06-28 Paul HänschRemove debug lines
2018-06-28 Paul HänschUnify header function for use with external web servers
2018-06-21 Paul Hänschforking cgilite into separate project
2018-06-21 paulfunction for reading http headers
2018-06-03 paulstub support for multiline comments (e.g. css/js embedding)
2018-06-03 paulFix for content-length and cookie variables
2018-05-26 paulbasic inetd support
2018-05-12 paulshorthand html
2018-04-05 paulprevent browsers from caching pages (which are usually...
2018-03-22 pauldocumentation fo STORE function
2018-03-22 paulfile handling functions
2018-03-12 paulsend http status code when redirecting
2018-02-21 paulmake forms available by default
2018-02-21 paulhelper for writing html forms
2017-12-09 paulwhen redirecting send status code as specified in CGI
2017-11-09 paultransform hex to oct for posix compatibility in printf
2017-11-08 paulbugfix: do not expect query strings to start with "?"
2017-11-08 paulforce http status code with redirect
2017-05-16 paulposix collection of cgi functions, additional functions
2017-05-15 paulposix collection of chi functions, initial commit
2017-03-19 paulcgi conformant 404s
2017-01-17 paulhonour treeroot variable in file serving
2017-01-17 paulperform read test on file, not just permission check
2017-01-14 paulquicker (and simpler) validation functions
2016-11-28 paulbetter support for atomic chunk output
2016-11-28 paulsupport serving of symlinked files
2016-11-28 paulexpand PATH before double dot check
2016-11-28 paulallow ./-_ in urlsafe function
2016-11-26 paulrudimantary support for byte ranges
2016-11-26 paulalways include debug functions, conditional handler...
2016-11-24 paulfill REQUEST_URI variable
2016-11-24 paul16bit linefeeds as specified in RFC
2016-11-09 pauluse proper cgi for response headers, switch cache macha...
2016-11-08 paulaccount for Different CGI variable naming in apache
2016-11-08 paulconform to standard by sending cache information with...
2016-10-11 paulBugfix: keep last post element without appending empty...
2016-10-10 paulBugfix: last post element was omitted due to recent...
2016-10-10 paulin server mode: serve static files from data dir
2016-10-06 paulexternalize stabndalone server mode into file
2016-10-06 pauluse CRLF line breaks
2016-10-06 paullimit stdin consumption to content length
2016-10-02 paulintrodue standalone capabilities
2016-06-18 pauladd line break variable
2016-05-11 paulallow pages to insert http headers
2016-05-01 paulfollow OWASP recommendation for html escapes
2016-04-15 paulprevent double escaping of & in htmlsafe
2016-04-13 paulallow overriding file magic
2016-04-13 paulchange precedence in processing static, action, and...
2016-04-11 paulallow dots in static file names
2016-04-10 paulsupport static file serving; support null-string defaul...
2016-04-07 paulallow dot in parameter keys
2016-04-06 paulbugfix, default to input for missing translations
2016-02-27 paulallow empty fields in POST data
2016-02-24 paulparse get and post data automatically
2016-01-10 paulallow CSS and BODY variable to be overridden (e.g....
2015-11-04 paullocalization "l10n" function
2015-10-05 pauladded invalidate function
2015-10-03 paulintroduced additional functions
2015-09-30 paulderive structure which avoids multiple execution
2015-08-07 paulfixed escaping bug
2015-08-05 paulrenamed function to urlsafe, introduced htmlsafe function
2015-08-02 paulimproved debugging output
2015-07-31 paulintroduced set_cookie function
2015-07-31 paulintroduced redirect function
2015-07-31 paulfixed accidentally broken urlsave
2015-07-31 paulintroduced cookie array, extended urlsave function...
2015-07-10 paulreplace echo by the more unambiguous builtin printf
2015-07-01 paulmore debug info
2015-06-13 paulremove export caller which made only sense in obsolete...
2015-06-13 paulmerge with cgi scripts from busy
2015-06-13 paulrename page cgi variable to p
2015-06-13 paulrequire no external index.cgi
2015-06-13 paulinitial commit