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2017-03-19 paulcgi conformant 404s
2016-11-26 paulalways include debug functions, conditional handler...
2016-10-10 paulin server mode: serve static files from data dir
2016-10-06 paulexternalize stabndalone server mode into file
2016-10-02 paulintrodue standalone capabilities
2016-04-13 paulchange precedence in processing static, action, and...
2016-04-11 paulallow dots in static file names
2016-04-10 paulsupport static file serving; support null-string defaul...
2016-02-24 paulparse get and post data automatically
2015-10-03 paulintroduced additional functions
2015-09-30 paulderive structure which avoids multiple execution
2015-07-31 paulintroduced cookie array, extended urlsave function...
2015-07-10 paulreplace echo by the more unambiguous builtin printf
2015-06-13 paulremove export caller which made only sense in obsolete...
2015-06-13 paulmerge with cgi scripts from busy
2015-06-13 paulrequire no external index.cgi