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2018-03-12 paulsend http status code when redirecting
2016-11-28 paulallow ./-_ in urlsafe function
2016-11-24 paul16bit linefeeds as specified in RFC
2016-11-08 paulaccount for Different CGI variable naming in apache
2016-10-11 paulBugfix: keep last post element without appending empty...
2016-10-10 paulBugfix: last post element was omitted due to recent...
2016-10-06 paullimit stdin consumption to content length
2016-05-01 paulfollow OWASP recommendation for html escapes
2016-04-15 paulprevent double escaping of & in htmlsafe
2016-04-07 paulallow dot in parameter keys
2016-02-27 paulallow empty fields in POST data
2016-02-24 paulparse get and post data automatically
2015-08-07 paulfixed escaping bug
2015-08-05 paulrenamed function to urlsafe, introduced htmlsafe function
2015-08-02 paulimproved debugging output
2015-07-31 paulintroduced set_cookie function
2015-07-31 paulintroduced redirect function
2015-07-31 paulfixed accidentally broken urlsave
2015-07-31 paulintroduced cookie array, extended urlsave function...
2015-07-10 paulreplace echo by the more unambiguous builtin printf
2015-06-13 paulmerge with cgi scripts from busy
2015-06-13 paulinitial commit