descriptionVery light weight framework for writing cgi using unix shell script
ownerGit Access
last changeWed, 30 Sep 2020 08:32:35 +0000 (10:32 +0200)
2020-09-30 Paul Hänschescape CR and TAB in URLs master
2020-09-07 Paul Hänschavoid confusion regarding carriage return when escaping...
2020-06-24 Paul Hänschrudimentary debug function
2020-06-09 Paul Hänschmore escapes for use in html-sh and HTTP headers
2020-06-08 Paul Hänschlimit escaping to necessary characters, more readable...
2020-06-03 Paul Hänschbugfix: allow empty query string
2020-06-02 Paul Hänschimproved handling of Connection header
2020-06-02 Paul Hänschquicker path sanitizing
2020-06-02 Paul Hänschsanitizing and security
2020-05-27 Paul Hänschupdated copyright line
2020-05-27 Paul Hänschspeed improvements
2020-05-26 Paul Hänschallow empty script headers
2020-01-29 Paul Hänschbugfix, STRING and UNSTRING input like "foo[bar]"
2020-01-29 Paul Hänschfaster STRING and UNSTRING functions
2019-12-10 Paul Hänschdot termination done right (fix bug from last commit)
2019-12-09 Paul Hänschintroduce . as stop sign to prevent parsing text as...
4 weeks ago master