2015-08-11 paulupgraded to fit new shcgi revision, slightly better... master
2015-06-16 paulmake sure subversion url is never handled as empty
2015-06-16 paulimprovements in subversion browser
2015-06-16 paulimprovement in wiki toc generator
2015-06-15 paulfix extra whitespace bug
2015-06-14 paulhint on svn externals in subversion browser
2015-06-13 pauladapt default m=page mechanism to updated cgi engine
2015-06-13 paulexternalise cgi engine
2015-03-25 pauladded debug output to cgi parser, set HTTP_REFERER...
2015-03-22 paulrelative URI syntax in form actions, link references...
2015-03-18 paulcleared HTTP syntax in Location forward
2015-03-18 paulmake sure login user exists
2015-03-18 paulwrite messages for fatal errors to debug channel
2015-03-18 paulimproved debugging functions
2014-11-20 paulwhoopsie, forgot that m-)
2014-11-20 paulsimplify code flow, link to edited article after return
2014-11-20 paulsorted out text designs
2014-11-17 paulporting busy to confetti framework
2014-02-28 paulprevent endless loop on malformed svn path
2013-07-26 paulchanged auth path
2013-07-26 paulchanged auth path
2012-12-24 paulwell.. didn't work ... now it should, whatever
2012-12-24 paulprevent weeeired rendering bug in some mobile mozilla...
2012-05-31 paulbugfix: admin page used bitcoin donation address in...
2012-05-31 paulprojectmeta.cgi symlink for logged in users
2012-05-31 paulimproved interface for ad selection
2012-05-30 paulremember ad content choice on admin page, display two...
2012-05-30 paulimplemented bitcoin donations and advertisement (via...
2012-04-13 paulstubs for implementing GIT support (if only GIT would...
2012-03-29 paultypo
2012-03-29 paulfurther optimization of parameter parsing
2012-03-29 paulsimplified svn browser
2012-03-28 paulfixed shellcode injection vulnerability in post data...
2012-03-27 pauladjusted cgi scripts for renamed permission-file
2012-03-27 paulimplemented cgi backend for admin page
2012-03-26 paulchanged record names in svn module to allow future...
2012-03-26 paulstarted Admin interface, integrated flattr
2012-03-26 paulchanged filename acl.sh to permissions.sh since we...
2012-02-28 paulwrong file ;-)
2012-02-28 paulconfine size of images in wiki text
2012-02-28 paulconfine size of images in wiki text
2012-02-28 paulconfine size of images in wiki text
2011-11-02 paulbeautyfication of svn change log
2011-11-02 paulrudimentary display of svn log
2011-10-31 paulstate project name in page title
2011-10-31 paulhonor login status when directing to news script
2011-10-30 paulhonor login status when directing to lock script
2011-10-30 paulhonor login status when directing to writer script
2011-10-30 paulfixed bug in acl testing
2011-10-30 paulfixed bug in acl testing
2011-10-30 paulfixed typo
2011-10-30 pauladded hidden submit button to deceive spambots
2011-10-30 paulmodified to use acl engine
2011-10-30 paulintroduced simple acl engine
2011-10-30 paulenforce ssl for login sessions
2011-10-11 paulsingle tassk display
2011-10-10 paulspeed optimization (replaced some pipe connected tools...
2011-10-10 paulmanipulating task info
2011-09-22 paulbasic user interface for creating a task
2011-09-22 paulwhatever
2011-09-03 paulrenamed wiki writer cgi
2011-08-22 paulintroduced svn repo browser
2011-08-10 paulimplemented version restoring
2011-08-10 paulimplemented news search
2011-08-07 paulglobalized wiki engine
2011-08-07 paulNews Engine implemented
2011-08-07 paulimplemented intro display/editing of home section
2011-08-07 paulinitial commit