upgraded to fit new shcgi revision, slightly better input validation, switched to...
[busy] / index.cgi
2015-06-13 paulexternalise cgi engine
2015-03-18 paulwrite messages for fatal errors to debug channel
2015-03-18 paulimproved debugging functions
2014-11-20 paulwhoopsie, forgot that m-)
2014-11-17 paulporting busy to confetti framework
2012-05-30 paulimplemented bitcoin donations and advertisement (via...
2012-03-26 paulchanged filename acl.sh to permissions.sh since we...
2011-10-31 paulstate project name in page title
2011-10-30 paulintroduced simple acl engine
2011-08-22 paulintroduced svn repo browser
2011-08-07 paulglobalized wiki engine
2011-08-07 paulimplemented intro display/editing of home section
2011-08-07 paulinitial commit