2017-12-09 paulwrapper for gatling
2017-12-09 pauldisable smartphone smartness when rendering
2017-12-09 paulsend actual CGI status codes
2017-12-09 pauladded footer, improved git integration, automatic ...
2017-12-09 paulbookmark creation dialog
2017-12-09 pauladded git tracking
2017-12-09 paulImporter for old bookman files
2017-12-03 paulimplemented search queries, some speedup, caching
2017-12-03 paulquicker rename function
2017-12-03 paulbookmark modification functions
2017-11-28 paulimplemented folder actions, keep secret ID out of addre...
2017-11-27 paulUI for folder modification
2017-11-22 paulstart of complete rewrite
2012-02-26 paulset link target=_blank to open links in new window/tab
2012-02-23 paulaccess configuration
2012-02-23 pauladd license information
2012-02-23 paulinitial source commit